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The Big O Community!

Cast in the name of God, ye not guilty!

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A loverly community for fans of Roger and friends of Dorothy. (R. Dorothy, that is. ^_-) We like Big O, and you should too!

We have only one rule, thus far:
If your post contains plot spoilers, please place the spoiler content behind an LJ-Cut tag. If you post spoilers without an LJ-Cut, we reserve the right to edit, or even delete the post. This rule is effective as of 7/30/2003.

To do an lj-cut tag, just use the following in your post: <lj-cut text="Spoiler ahead!">. You can even cut-and-paste that, if you want. It couldn't be easier!

Otherwise, if everyone uses their common sense and behaves nicely, we won't need any more rules! :)

Your friendly neighbourhood mod is skeets, so direct questions to her. Otherwise, enjoy your stay! :D

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