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Hey no-one posted for a bit so I thought I risk posting this even tho it's probally been posted a million (or at least one) time/s before:

Every one fave episode and why?

Mine: Lost Cat

Just for the pure Dorothy fan love I have *sighs*, I mean sure there are more DorothyXRoger eps that are much more, well you know, but I do love the kitty one because I have a kitty just like it!! Called Pebbles, which is quite like Pero!!! But the femal equivlent... I should really take a pic of my D-Chan cosplay and my kitty ^^ But I do also have a fond place in my heart for the episode where Dorothy is a negociator for the day (ep.18? Can't be botherd to treck all the way down the stairs then up the stairs to my room to check..)

But what about you guys??


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