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Big O cels for sale (and one Cowboy Bebop for kicks)

I will take serious offers only, please. Shipping/handling within the U.S. figured into all costs; let me know if you come from somewhere else. Payment is to be handled through PayPal; I will accept credit card payments. Payment must be remitted before cels will be sent.

From the first episode of The Big O (she still has a face)
A7 cel w/sketch (sorry for the crap picture; wasn't able to scan it)

Pan cel of Angel from ep. 3 (Electric City)
Comes w/unmatching sketch; gorgeous cel

Dorothy and the evil scientist dude from "Missing Cat"
A4 cel w/sketch (stuck)

Dorothy and the evil scientist dude from "Missing Cat"
A3 cel w/sketch (stuck)

Dorothy and Pero's tongue from "Missing Cat"
A33 cel w/sketch

Spike Spiegel from "Cowboy Bebop"
A3 cel w/sketch

Leave responses below if interested.
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